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Disturbing Video Shows A Raw Piece Of Chicken Crawling Off Of A Restaurant Table

A video has seemingly gone viral and it has been for a really good reason. As per the video which is really disturbing to watch a piece of raw chicken has allegedly come back to life and crawled its way off of the food plate and on to the ground.

The video was captured and posted on social media by a woman named Rie Philips and since then has been viewed for almost 11 million times and is counting.

According to the information on Rie’s social media account, she is a resident of Florida but as for the video, it is still not clear as to where it was taken.

The chopsticks in the video suggest that this restaurant might have been an Asian one or the one with a similar theme.

Like the most videos of the sort, some people have criticized it to be a doctored one while others have claimed that this piece of chicken was moving due to its nerve endings which were yet to die off completely. There was another group of people who called this chicken piece to be of an entirely different animal.

Last but not least was a group of people who have claimed that this chicken piece was being moved with the help of strings.

The video first surfaced over social media back on July 25th, 2019 and since then has been not viewed for 11 million times but has also been shared for many thousand times.

One viewer of the video commented that “Muscles start contracting as soon as you put a little salt over them or any other such stimulating spice.  This is just like worms who start to go all crazy as soon as you pour on them some salt.”

A second viewer said, “I have no idea as to W*F it is but one thing is clear that the nerves of this thing are still alive and making the muscles twitch and causing this bizarre movement. This is the same case with some fish species as they tend to move to appear they are alive been though they have been cut open.”

Well, whatever it was, hope you got to see one more bizarre thing on the internet.

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