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Loving Dog Mom Builds An Amazing Backyard Mansion For Her Dogs

Dogs are loyal creatures who give us a lot of love and one woman from California decided to repay them for all the love her dogs gave to her. She decided to give the love back in the form of the most adorable ad the grand doggy house.

The woman named Victoria Palmer said, “My dogs are named Bruiser; a Chihuahua, Marvin; a Sheppard Mix and Fuzz; a Pomeranian. These dogs have given me the gift of love, companionship, and comfort which is unexplainable in mere words. So to do something for them, I did this. “

Dogs Group

Inspiration struck Palmer when she was tearing down her old backyard. After everything was cleared off from the spot, all that was left was a solid concrete footing.

Seeing the space, palmer realized that this was the perfect spot for building her pups their new mansion which she named as the “Barkingham Palace”.

Beautiful Puppy with his Mom

With palmer starting the whole thing, the project grew bigger with each passing day.  She said, “My father and I love to do things like home improvements. Whenever he visits me, we started adding things to this doggy palace. We were framing doors and the windows and were even drawing up plans to build a second floor. We were at the creation level of 1000.”

Dog House

After the house was built, the next step was to decorate it. She wanted the house to reflect her style and thus completed it with charming balconies, stylish staircase, some widow boxes and completed it finally in a Victorian style.


After the project was done, the pups were allowed to move into their new 2-storey house.

Palmer says, “Bruiser simply does not want to leave this palace. He has even mastered the stairs and now he peeks through the windows. He likes to lock himself in the house like a hermit.”

Dog Couple

These three lucky pups are now the owners of lovely real estate property in the San Francisco bay and they are certainly very happy for having it.

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