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Animals arrested or suspected for crimes

You will be amazed to know that all across the world animals are not only blamed for some serious crimes but are also arrested for these crimes. Some of these arrested animals have also been sentenced to deaths. We have prepared a list of some of these arrested animals with some of the most bizarre reasons that left them behind bars.

RamaChandran: the Elephant caught for a killing spree:-

After turning mad, the elephant named RamaChandran went on a killing spree in Kerala, India. He resulted in the death of three people in the incident that happened at a religious festival. The 45 years old elephant was arrested, detained and kept under supervision by authorities. Owner of the elephant was fined for 3 million Indian rupees and elephant was banned for three months to attend any festival.

Elephant caught for a killing spree

Lorenzo: the lookout parrot:-

A parrot named Lorenzo was rained by a drug cartel member as a Look Out bird from its birth. The parrot was trained to yell “Run Run. The Cat is going to get you” whenever police were about to catch drug cartel member.

Police finally caught on to this elaborate scheme and arrested Lorenzo first and afterwards his owner. Police, after capturing Lorenzo caught 1000 other similarly trained look out parrots in the region.

lookout parrot

Monkey suspected for being a spy:-

In Bahawalpur, Pakistan a monkey was suspected by locals as a spy from India. The animal was suspected a spy after it roamed in the streets for very long time. Locals tried to catch but were unsuccessful. They reported it to wild life authorities and they finally apprehended the monkey after a long chase.

The monkey as thoroughly investigated but was acquitted of the charges and was then kept in zoo where he is being well taken care of.

spy monkey

A phone smuggling cat:-

A black and white colored ct was detained by Russian Prison guards for smuggling a cell phone and a charger inside a Russian prison. Items were tapped on the belly of the said cat while it was found sitting on the fence of prison. The cat was apprehended in Syktyvkar city of Komi Province in Russia.

phone smuggling cat

Cow accused of a murder:-

A cow was arrested by police in Southwest Nigerian town of Sango Ota as a suspect for the murder of a 24 years old man, Azeez Salako. The cow was later proven innocent as it was only at wrong place at wrong time.

Azeez was murdered after the fight broke out between him and another man. Azeez was killed due to the stab of a broken bottle. By the time police arrived, everyone had fled and cow was the only animal there so they took it in as a suspect. Although charges on cow have been dropped, Aziz’s killer is still out there.

Cow accused of a murder

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