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Seal Gets A Birthday Surprise; A Big Ice Fish Cake

Do you know what is the best thing about Birthdays? Well, let us tell you. It is that we get to have an opportunity to offer our gratitude to somebody we love and adore to make them feel they are special. There is no reason for making them feel special other than the fact that they were born on this day and we love them for it.

Animals also deserve these special days of their lives and they happen to enjoy it when we treat them like humans in that regard. This is true for a Cornish Seal Sanctuary’s seal that has just turned 31 years old. His rescuers, on the day of its 31st birthday, got him a big surprise. The name of the seal is Yulelogs who was gifted with a big ice cake made of fish and this good boy was clearly happy to see it.

A marine park located in northern England rescued Yulelogs back in 1998.


A marine park located in the northern area of England rescued this cute seal when he was just a little pup. After that, the park was closed and their plan was to release the seal back into the wilderness of the sea. The official website for Cornish Seal Sanctuary reads, “However, after this much time spending in captivity, Yulelogs had no idea as to how he can feed himself. He had becomes used to humans too much.”

After a little time, the Park was closed off and the plans for the seal were to be released in the wilderness.


On the official website of the sanctuary, its team wrote, “following 3 months of its release, the RSPCA rescued Yulelogs after they got calls from the public on complaints that the seal was chasing people on the beach thinking they were full of fishes.”

But the seal had to be rescued again as this time; it was unaware of knowing how to feed himself. The seal has become used to the humans.


It was found after Yulelogs 2nd rescuing that his weight was at a life-threatening 60 kg instead of what it was used to be i.e. 250 kgs. The website reads, “It was very clear that he was in need of dire care. This is why RSPCA asked the Cornish Seal Sanctuary that were they able to provide him with a permanent home or not”.

Now Cornish Seal Sanctuary is Yulelogs’ new home where he just celebrated his 31st birthday.


Now at age 31, this seal is one energetic good boi who is loved by every member of the sanctuary. And this 31st birthday of Yulelogs is quite an achievement for not only the seal himself but also for the sanctuary. This is because the average life span for the male gray seals is only 25 years old.

As to make the seal feel special, he got a nice big surprise; it was an ice fish cake.


To mark this great milestone of living up to 31 years old, Yulelogs was surprised by the sanctuary team with a big ice fish cake. The marketing and media coordinator for the sanctuary, Georgina Shannon, told media, “Yulelogs loved his cake very much. This is also a great type of enrichment for him. But it requires a lot of thinking from Yulelogs to get these fishes out of the cake.”

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