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Secret Of Cats Loving Boxes, It Reduce Stress

The areas of the Queensland and the New South Wales were left devastated by the horrific incident of bushfires in Australia and the authorities directed as many resources to help the region as they could. Unfortunately, these bushfires not only resulted in destruction of the people’s houses but also the lives of many wild animals living in the forests nearly got affected badly. This is the reason that teams were created for searching the area to look for any koalas that survived the fires. One important part of that team was a member named Bear, the dog that was tasked with detection of Koalas, and was deployed for service in the region of Queensland.

Meet Bear, a very good and diligent boy who looks for koalas.



In a Facebook post, the International Fund for Animal Welfare posted, “the Koala detection dog of ours named Bear is bring a hope for the region and its surviving koalas from the areas that suffered bushfires. These animals need more and more of these heroes for saving them to avoid going into extinction in the area. One important part of our efforts is our koala detection dog named Bear. He was deployed for the Queensland’s southwest region as well as the hardest hit areas of the New South Wales. Bear can detect these koalas by their fur’s scent.”

Bear has been trained especially for finding sick and injured koalas that are suffering in the wild.



Bear is of the Border collie mix breed that works with the Detection Dogs for Conservation where he was trained to sniff out any inured or sick koalas.

The hardworking good boy is now almost 6 years old.



Bear was brought to the Detection Dogs for Conservation by his foe rowers who did not want to do anything more with him.



Despite the efforts of saving he koalas in the region of New South Wales, Australia, some of the local population of the koalas in the region is close to getting extinct.



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