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Little Cute Girl Getting Ready For Her Nap With Her Friends; Dabao, the Golden Retriever And Motor, the Cat

One thing that almost anyone can agree on is that dogs and cats are one of the cutest creatures in this world. Also, one other is the sleepy little children and they are pretty top of the list of cute things in the world. Now, if you agree with our statements of cute things then be prepared as we have created a nice big bowl of cuteness for you. The main ingredients of this dish are all three of them in one place; the dog, the cat, and the sleeping baby.

Quite recently, one very adorable and cute footage has seemingly gone viral. This video shows a cute little toddler girl taking her nap as she is snuggling with her two best friends; a furry cat and a dog. This video was uploaded on the app named “Douyin” which is the Chinese app equivalent of TikTok. The name of the account on this app is 727R17.

The mother of this little girl captured and then uploaded this video on her account of Douyin; a Chinese app equivalent of Tik Tok.


If you see the viral video, which we have uploaded below, a 3 years old cute girl is seen hugging her feline friend whose name is Motor. She is then also seen spooning with her dog; a golden retriever named Dabao. It seems that this group of 3 friends is preparing for their afternoon nap.

The Viral video shows the 3 years old girl taking the nap and snuggling with her two furry pals.


As it turned out, this video was captured and then uploaded by this girl’s mother. The girl and her two little friends live in the northeast region of the Chinese province of Heilongjiang. The mother had been recording and uploading the exploits of her daughter and her friends on the Douyin as well as other social media accounts since 2018.

The name of the fluffy cat is Motor while the name of this furry Golden Retriever dog is Dabao.

The mother of this cute girl is documenting the life and the adventures with her 2 friends since 2018. The Douyin profile of the mother has quite a lot of such cute and adorable videos. For example, in one such cute video, the girl can be seen playing the dress-up game with her friends. She is pretending in the video as a doctor who is examining these two.

The woman has been documenting the daily lives of her daughter with her friends since 2018.


The Douyin account of these friends has a little above 3.5 million followers.


Few other videos on this account show this trio of a friend playing different cute games.


And there is also a lot of cuddling in between these videos.


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