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Narwhal; the Unicorn Pup who has a tail coming out of his head

Most of us out there are fascinated with anything that is furry like the bunnies, dogs, and cats. Some of these animals seem to do many things to fascinate us. While everything these animals tend to do is really cute, but once in a blue moon, there is something unique about these furry cuties. Today we bring to you one of those special creatures.  A special dog has been blessed with not one but two cute tails. This is the story of the dog named Narwhal, the unicorn pup. Narwhal, the unicorn pup was born with an extra tail that has grown out of his forehead. Now imagine him chasing that tail.

The name of this cutie is Narwhal, the unicorn pup which has a tail growing straight out of his forehead.



Narwhal was found wandering about in the cold weather with another dog. They were both found by the animal rescue organization named Mac’s Mission, which works in the region of Jackson, Missouri. The workers instantly noticed that this was not any ordinary puppy as he had an extra tail.

Narwhal was born with a tail growing from his forehead.



The tail of Narwhal reminded his rescuers of the Unicorn horn and they decided to name him Narwhal, the unicorn pup. To any of you who don’t know what narwhals are, they are the real-life version of the unicorns. Well, they are actually the toothless whales that have big tusks coming out of their heads just like the horn of a unicorn.

And to all of you who have the big question, No, he cannot wag this tail.



Ever since the adoption request was placed by Mac’s Mission on social media, they were over flooded with numerous questions such as “Does the puppy wags his forehead tail? While it would have had looked cut, the rescuers said that they never saw the puppy wag this tail and it lies almost idle.

Narwhal, the unicorn pup was found alongside an older dog wandering about in the cold weather of Jackson.



The vet inspected the tail on Narwhal’s head and said that it is not connected with anything and it also has no real purpose.



This tail also does not seem to slow down this cute little pup.



Other than this extra tail, narwhal seems to be in great health.



Seeing how people have instantly fallen in love by seeing his pictures, there is no doubt that he is soon going to find a forever home for himself.

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