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Puppy Abandoned on the Side of Road With Chair And TV, Thinking His Owner Would Come Back

Earlier last week someone found a hopeful heart sitting between some of the illegally dumped hoe furniture. It was a poor puppy who had yet to discover that he too had been discarded like some useless furniture.

a dog sits on sofa

Earlier on a morning of Monday this week, an animal control officer named Sharon Norton was notified about a saddening scene that happened on the stretch of a quiet road located in Lincoln County of Mississippi.

As soon as she heard about the situation, she came to the scene was upon arriving she found a small pup clinging on to his life on top of a chair. A TV was also dumped near that chair.

TV dumped near that chair of Dog

The dog was clearly starved but was not willing to move an inch from the spot. It was clear that the dog was thinking that the person who left him there would soon come back for him.

The dog was clearly starved

Norton said, “it looked as if he had been there for at least a week, he was reduced to skin and bones due to starvation.”

Norton approached the pup in an effort to reassure it that she was only there for helping it. She gave him a  meal which was probably his first in many days.

Hungry Dog Eating Food

Despite the puppy’s said condition of holding on to wait for his owner to come back who will never return, the popup was almost at ease as soon as another person cared for him.

Norton said, “When I picked him up, he was happy and I took him to my animal control truck. I could feel his tail wagging in happiness as it was hitting me in the back. He is aware that he is in safe hands now.”

Dog Looks Happy After Rescued

Since then the dog has been vaccinated and had been placed in the safety of Brookhaven Animal Rescue League located in Mississippi.

After his full recovery, he will be placed for adoption.

Dog was Adopt

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