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A guy finds a Spinifex hopping mouse dead in the desert and then he saves its life

Back in January, a man named Daniel Bromley was driving on a cold morning to a construction site near the Great Victoria Desert located in Western Australia.

He was not driving there without a purpose but was actually on his way to save a life. The thing was that he was just not aware that he was going to save a life.

Bromley told media, “I went to the desert in efforts to rescue any kind of animal that might have fallen inside a trench dug for running a gas pipeline through the desert. Each morning I need to wake up 3 am in the morning and had to take a 15 miles long walk to find any animals that might have fallen inside the trench in order to save them from both heats or cold or to save them from any predators.”

Dead Rat in desert

Bromley was on his routine survey when he saw a gray small mouse that was lying there stiff frozen.

Bromley said, “I noticed a little Spinifex mouse which was lying at the bottom of the trench and appeared to be dead.”

Spinifex mice are common in Australia but to spot one was rare as they are shy.

Rescue Mouse

Bromley lifted the mouse from the trench hoping it would at least flinch but it didn’t.

Bromley came to the conclusion that the mouse had gone into a state named Torpor which is a deep sleep of rodents where they conserve their energy, as well as, stay warm. He decided to get the mouse back to its burrow and then he filmed the entire operation of the little guy’s rescue.

Bromley took the mouse back to his car and held it in front of his car’s heartier and gently coaxed him back to life.

Finally, the mouse started to respond to his rescue as it raised its tiny paws and then rubbed his face with them.

 mouse started to respond

After the mouse was fully awake, Bromley placed it inside a canvas bag until he was able to release it back in the wild.

mouse fully awake

As the sun was setting in the desert, Bromley took the mouse back to its home where the mouse started to get familiarize with his surroundings.

sun setting in the desert

Before the mouse hoped into the wild, he looked back for a glance at his rescuer as it was trying to say “Thank You.”

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