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This Playful Dog Is Very Fond Of Going Down The Slide

A few days ago a woman named Anabela Cohen was at the local park with her son, which was located near their house located in Argentina when she saw something really strange but very adorable and cute.

There in that park, casually hanging out with some kids at the playground area of the park was a big dog that seemed to be having a good time all by herself. As the young friends of that pup looked at him, the dog would entertain herself by going up and down the slide all by herself again and again.

Cohen said, “I have never seen anything like that ever.”

Although the dog which was in her playful mood, left little opportunity for the kids to use the same slide, no one seemed to mind that act of the dog.

Cohen said, “The kids gathered near the slide were all really happy to see the dog using the slide. Even my son, who was playing near them, stopped playing to see what was going on.”

After talking around, Cohen discovered that the name of this big yet playful dog was Berta. And people also told Cohen that this was not the first time that Berta was playing on the park’s slide.

What Cohen could find out was that Berta came to know the joy of going down the slide as she watched her own school-going owner. Now Berta herself is very eager to use the slide at any chance she gets.

Chances of Berta arriving at the park are on any of the days when the weather seems to be clear. Whenever there is a clear weather day, Berta can be found with her group of human friends having fun at the slide. As for Cohen, seeing those kids and the dog getting the joy from their little routine is something she is not going to forget anytime soon.

Cohen said, “I thought to myself that this was amazing.”

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