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A Man Pour The Warm Coffee For Rescuing 3 Kittens That Had Frozen Stuck In The Ice For Hours

Today’s story a little bizarre because many innocent lives were saved by pouring some coffee, yes you heard it right.

Kendall Diwisch, a Canadian man had incidentally stumbled upon 3 little kittens that were frozen stuck in the ice as he was doing his work.


Kendall Diwisch is a worker for an oil company in Alberta, Canada and was doing his good checkup when he walked upon 3 little kittens. These kittens had clearly been abandoned on one of the back roads.

He stopped after hearing their little meows and as that two of these little kittens had their little tails frozen to the ice on the ground.

Two of these kittens had their tails stuck into the ground as they got frozen. They were not able to move anywhere.


Without wasting a minute, Kendall Diwisch ran to help these kittens as he poured his hot coffee to melt the ice around their tails.


But he did not have enough of the coffee to help these kittens so he made his mind to pull on their tails gently. The kittens obviously felt considerable discomfort during this process but Kendall was finally able to free them of their freezing prison. None of the kittens were scalded by hot coffee or otherwise harmed during this instant rescue.

Kendall Diwisch then posted the story of his little rescue over social media and it went viral.


The hero then proceeded to take these 3 rescued kittens to his home for getting warmed up and having food.


He took these felines to his car and drive to his home to get them fed and be warm. He also had the dewormed as he planned to give them to a local shelter for adoption.

He also said in his post that he suspects that these kittens had sot likely been stuck to the ground in ice for the entire night. They were lucky that he had passed by them or they could have had died due to cold.

This is the video of Kendall rescuing these kittens.

It was not long before these 3 kittens found their forever homes.


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