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Unique animals which conquered our hearts with their perfect imperfections

Most of us have a special place for animals in our hearts. While we might see little imperfections in animals but according to veterinarian Dr. Timothy D. Hodge points out that congenital defects are actually far more common than we think. Some of the common imperfections in animals that he points out are cleft palates and limb deformities.

Today we have compiled a list of animals that were born a little different but still prove that they can still melt our hearts.

So scroll down to look at these unique animals which conquered our hearts with their perfect imperfections

Shrek; the green Marsupial



This is a strange looking marsupial that lost all of his fur due to the stress of being separated from his mother. That’s not all; he also developed a fungal infection that presented his skin with a hue of green color under certain lights. Due to this, he was dubbed as “Shrek”. Despite his looks, he appears to be one of the most huggable wombats in the world.

Sweet Sasha

Sweet Sasha


This pup was singled out on birth due to his disproportioned head and a cleft palate. She was still able to melt many hearts as she clung on to life at the SNARR Animal Rescue.

Roux the T-Rex



Roux is a beautiful Siamese mix cat that lives with his caring owner in New Orleans. She might not seem imperfect at a single glance but she if you take a second look you will be amazed to see her missing two front legs. This has earned her the name “T-Rex”.

Smushie the Cat



Smushie was found wandering stray on the streets of Richmond, Virginia. Despite having an underdeveloped nose and a cleft palate, she was soon able to go to her forever home after being reduced. Wheel she has breathing difficulties due to her deformities but we can’t get over the fact as to how cute she looks with them.

Quasimodo aka “Quasi the Great“



Quasimodo aka “Quasi the Great” is a German Shepherd with short spine syndrome. This “severe shortening of the vertebrae column” means that Quasi has the appearance of being hunch-backed. However, this spinal compression hasn’t affected his charming puppy eyes, and we find him completely irresistible.

Alba the Orangutan



Her condition could be more accurately called leucism, this snowy beauty is famed as the first known albino orangutan, and she has stolen many hearts with her piercing blue eyes and not-so-orange coat. She may be the only one of her kind, but that hasn’t stopped her from receiving the love and friendship she deserves.

Mr. Bigglesworth



Mr. Bigglesworth scores 2/3, his genetic disorder means his fur comes and goes sporadically—and usually in patches. This little Rex rabbit was rescued after being deemed unsellable and has since become a viral sensation. Mr. Bigglesworth’s stardom shows the world that it’s okay to be unconventional, and he’s won over many followers in the process.

Little Mimi

Little Mimi


Mimi the rabbit was born without ears, and with only 3 legs. Her difficult circumstances meant that she was the odd one out amongst her bunny pals. While Mimi’s owner makes her adorable knitted ears, Mimi embraces her differences and still manages to be one of the cutest bunnies we’ve ever seen.

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