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Chubby Yet Cute Dog Gives Up On His Exercise Right In The Middle Adorably

Let us ask you a simple question, IS there anything easier than taking a simple walk around the neighborhood? Well, there is ting easier than it but somebody begs to differ with this. In their opinion, not doing that simple walk is the right answer.

This answer comes from a chubby yet adorably cute dog whose name is Stella Bean.  Instead of taking the walk that would be great for her help, she thinks that stopping and flopping would be the right thing to do.


Stella Bean was adopted by a woman named Tracy Buck while she was still an overweight dog a few years ago. Tracy was told from the very first day of adopting Stella Bean that getting Stella to be slim would prove a real challenge.

Tracy said, “The Shelter always described Stella to be a hot mess. She is known for always being a very demanding and stubborn dog.”

Tracy soon learned these personality traits of Stella Bean when she started taking her on walks for the sake of getting her some exercise.


Tracy said, “She would simply flop over on herself and would refuse to move an inch until I give her belly rubs or some other type of attention.”

And then as expected, it became a regular thing with Stella Bean. In the middle of her every walk which she takes with her owner, Stella would suddenly stop and refuse to keep-on going. She would become the very embodiment of laziness in the middle of the road.

While this is not good for her health, it still looks really cute and funny. This is why Tracy started taking videos of her flops in the middle of the road.

Sometimes, Stella would start moving again after being done with her flopping, but at some times, it would take a long time to help her get the motivation back.

Interestingly enough, Stella’s laziness videos posted by Tracy on Stella’s Instagram page have gained her quite fame.


Sometimes, people passing by would also stop and start asking Tracy about Stella’s well being. But now most people in Tracy’s neighborhood know about this mischievous and lazy dog so whenever they see Stella flopping, they would smile, laugh and simply drive by the duo.

Tracy is still taking Stella for long walks on a daily basis because whether Stella likes them or not, they are for her own well being.

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