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A Friendly Dog Waits Anxiously For Getting A Hug From His Favorite Mailman Every Day

Today, let us introduce you guys to a cute and friendly dog named Moose, who is adored by his family.

However, there is one other person that Moose loves besides his family.

a few weeks ago, a new mailman started working the route that also had the house of Moose. One day, Moose was watching outside of the window of his house when he saw the new mailman. It seemed that Moose saw some friendly vibe from that new mailman as he was making his rounds.

Soon, the instincts of Moose about the new mailman proved right.

One day, as the new mailman arrived at Moose’s home on his truck, Moose asked his owners to let him be outside. And this is the video of the time after Moose was allowed to go outside.


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The highlight of my day. My friend Mr. Mailman 📬💛 . . . . . #goldenretriever #goldensofinstagram #goldenretrievers #goldenretrieversofinstagram

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Moose wanted nothing more than giving a big hug to the mailman. And it seemed that the feeling was mutual.

Meghan Gruszynski, the owner of Moose said, “It was really adorable. I loved it as how much the mailman loved our boy and we also loved seeing as to how much Moose loved hugging him.”

With this first day of warm and loving introduction, it became a new tradition for both the mailman and Moose. Now every day when the mailman arrives at Moose’s house, Moose is standing outside to greet his friend.

You have to admit that meeting every day with somebody with a wagging tail can make anyone day feel great. But there is also another story to these visits of mailman to Moose.

Gruszynski said, “We came to know that the mailman had recently lost his own dog. He also loves the fact as to how much love does Moose gives him whenever he is on this route.”

The job of a mailman is to deliver something but now he is on the receiving end of something really loving and cute each day.

Gruszynski says, “Hopefully this tradition of theirs continues for many, many years. He is our mailman until he retires. So, it is going to be fun watching them share their love with each other.”

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