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Owner Finds Her Big Cat Stuck In Hilarious Position

A woman named Jeen Teeter was making breakfast for kids at a daycare center located in Montana when she suddenly saw what appeared to be an orange blur flying through the air.

Teeter seemed to instantly recognize this orange blur as her 3 years old cat named Loki’s fur.

Teeter told media, “I saw Loki jump up from the shelf and straight into a hole in the wall and I was like ‘He is not going to make it’. He has already tired this jump once before.”

Loki had been obsessed with a small hole that was located in the wall of the kitchen’s doorway. The hole was in place of a vent that was removed by the landlord. Cat was never able to make it into this hole until that very day.

Not only Teeter but also Loki was surprised when his leap of faith which he took from the shelf o art supplies to vent hole ended up being successful.

Teeter said, “He was very confused but at the same time very happy and proud after getting himself up there.”

Although Loki was suspended in the air in that hole, she was confident that Loki was fine while wedged inside the hole as he was wagging his tail.

Teeter said, ‘if he was in any pain, he would have made a lot of noise so there was noting wrong with him.”

The question at the moment was, “How Would Loki Get himself out of this awkward predicament?”

Teeter knew that if he could get up there he could also get down; she was just worried that he would not fall on other kids and her own daughter.

Loki tried to get out of the whole from the front but his weight did not make his efforts come to success. Eventually, he decided to force his way back out from where he once came and safely landed on his four feet.

Teeter says that when it comes to the grounds of her daycare, this orange silly cat has no bounds.

Teeter says, “Loki is not only silly but also very mischievous and at the same time very compassionate. He lives up to his name Loki, the god of mischief.”

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