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A Random Happy Dog Joins The Race And Finishes at First Place

We have said again and again that animals and especially dogs are into sports very much. We have proven our claim with many video proofs and once again we have come with another proof. This time the dog in question is a racing enthusiast.

The race was taking place with only two competitors and these two competitors knew that out of both of them; only one would be finishing first. However, they could not be more wrong.

As it turned out a cute looking new challenger decided to participate in the racer and give both of these runners one hell of a race.


According to reports, this amazing and funny incident took place at the Chile’s National Athletics Competition which took place last year. The race was for 400 meter dash and as soon as the gun was fired to sound the start of the race and random happy dog decided to paper on the tack alongside the two runners. The dog was clearly eager to show off his fast speed.

Below is the footage of the unexpected race with an unexpected finishing result.

It is not clear as to where do this dog came from or as to how long has he been preparing for this event. One thing is still clear that he had overshadowed the performance of the other 2 sprinters.

Although the official record does not mention the dog to be the winner of the race, his fan base is surely aware as to who is the real winner of that day’s race.

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