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Mother bear and cubs killed illegally by poachers in Alaska

Some men can do anything for the sake of gaining monetary gains, even if it means taking the lives of innocent animals.  Same was the case for a man named Andrew Renner and his son named Owen Renner who has done a despicable act that was also captured on the video.

This father-son duo was spotted wandering through the harsh wildness of the Esther Island, Alaska when they came upon a hibernating bear along with its cubs.

Both of them not encountering the mother bear decided to wander close into her den and shoot at it from point-blank range as her cubs wailed at the cold-blooded murder of their mother.

This tragic and horrific video was captured on camera about which the poachers were not aware of. The video was being captured as a part of a study being conducted by the “US Forest Service and the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.”

In order to capture the video, motion sensors were set up to start recording as soon as the bears would come out of there den. Tragically, these bears never came out of their den.

The “Humane Society of the United States” wants the people to be aware of this horrific act of the killing of wildlife. They also aim to spread awareness that the illegal killing of the wildlife can be made legal again under Trump Administration who are considering changing the legislation presented under Barrack Obama rule.

As for now, the killing of the black bears in the land of Alaska is illegal. However, seeing this act of animalistic behavior from humans, no less, it seems that law there is not strong enough.

Watch this cruel act of a bunch of cowards down below.

Later the father-son duo was arrested under the unlawful killing of an adult female bear and its 2 cubs. In addition to that, they were also charged with possession and transportation of illegal game. As for Andrew Renner, he was charged additionally with tampering of the physical evidence.

The father-son duo has pled guilty and has received not only fines but also jail time. This sentence also came with the temporary loss of their hunting privileges along with confiscating their personal property.

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