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These cute photos of sleeping animals will melt your heart

You might be having a bad day, or low productivity, or may even experience some issues with your overall health. Not to worry, though, as we’ve found a way to help you get rid of all these things with some adorable photos of sleeping animals. In fact, it has been proven that looking at cute animals helps increase your productivity and improve your mental health.

We have collected a few pictures of sleeping peaceful animals for you to feel better about your day.

So scroll down to look at this list of these cute photos of sleeping animals that will melt your heart.

This sleeping squirrel looks like a ball of curtness that I want to protect with my life


These rescued kittens finally feel safe enough to show their bellies while sleeping


This little kitty is a gymnast who smiles when he is asleep


This puppy only falls asleep after cuddling with his favorite toy


He sleeps in any position that he likes


The puppy who sleeps most of the day will melt your heart


This kitty has found the most perfect place for sleeping on his back


This snuggly fox enjoys its bed more than anything in the world

snuggly fox

This cat believes there’s nothing better than a box to sleep soundly


These puppies are so cute, you might want to cry and it’s totally fine


This kitten just wants to sleep and it doesn’t matter where


This kitten loves small spaces for nap time

nap time

This cutie pie found the warmest spot in the house

cutie pie

This puppy doesn’t want to let go of its best friends, and we’re melting


This tiny guy likes to look even tinier

tiny guy

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