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Mailman Rescues A Dog Collapsed On One Side Of A Road And Then He Adopts Him

One fine morning of February started as a normal one for a mailman named Nate Ohlman who was going to his usual route delivering the mails like he always does. However, on the day of February 25th, he saw something unexpected which was actually an elderly dog that was lying in a ditch near the road in the harsh winter weather of Missouri.

Ohlman knew that he had to save this dog and he approached the dog slowly not wishing to startle the poor dog. However, Ohlman soon realized that the elderly dog was neither able to hear nor see very great.

Ohlman said, “I moved it around a little bit and I also made some noises. As soon as the dog heard and saw me, it got up and quickly ran towards my mail truck. The dog as suffering from frostbite and was clearly starving.

Rescue Dog


Ohlman alter named the dog as Sola and he knew that he needs to help it as soon as possible and took it to a nearby vet’s clinic. He left his contact information at the vet’s clinic saying then to call him for an update on his condition.

Dog taking Rest



Afterward, Ohlman went back on his route to complete his job and he was not able to get Sloan out of his head.

Ohlman said, “I was thinking as to how anybody can do such a cruel thing to a helpless animal. My heart was broken to know that there was no one to love him and so I decided to adopt Sloan. I just had to adopt him as I believe things happen for a reason and I was meant to find him.”

Bull Dog


Sloane from the vet’s clinic was sent to the KC Pet Project, a shelter for strays and abandoned pets.

Tori Fugate, the CCO at the shelter said, “wan he came to us, he was severely dehydrated and malnourished with sores over his entire body. He was barely able to stand much less walk.”

Once there, the shelter started his treatment and gave him fluids and medications and kept a close eye on him for the few coming days. After he responded well to his early treatment, Sloan was placed in a foster home to speed up his recovery where he responded well.

Family Dog


Sloan was estimated to be about 12 years old and despite his age, the dog started to heal at an accelerated rate.

After Sloan got completely revered form his previous condition, the shelter was now ready to send him to who they knew wanted him badly.

Loving Dog


When Ohlman got the call from the shelter that he can now officially adopt Sloan, he was over the moon. When they met again, Sloan immediately recognized his rescuer and thanked him with lots of kisses.

Men Dog Friendship


Now Sloan is living happily in his new forever home with all the love and care he deserves.

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