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Mark Imhof; A Man Who Helped Shelter Dogs By Giving Them Haircuts and Help Them Find Homes

Back in 2015, a man named Mark Imhof came upon an unusual business idea and sort of a passion. He was walking down a road while thinking as to what he can possibly do that can help the poor homeless dogs living in poor conditions of dog shelters in order to find them a new home. One of the many problems for these dogs was that while living homeless on streets, the dogs were in really bad conditions, especially their furs which stopped many people from adopting them.

However, Mark now called “The Dog Guy” planned to fix this problem once and for all and he actually nailed it with his ingenious situation.

He opened the shop by the name of “Mark The Dog Guy” which offers service of washing, haircutting and other grooming details for the homeless dogs. Some of the pictures from mark’s few clients have actually melted our hearts and we could not resist sharing thyme with our beloved readers today.

So scroll down to look at these picture of Mark Imhof; a man who helped shelter dogs by giving them haircuts and help them find homes.

This little guy turned out to be so cute after he met Mark’s caring hand. And there was a lot of work behind this look

Hair mats can cover a dog’s eyes makingthem almost blind

But Mark is ready to help every dog see a better life

In Mark’s hands every dog gets a warm bath

Along with a proper haircut and nail trim

All of these procedures help the doggies to feel better

As well as to release these good boys’ and girls’ inner beauty

For example, this is Debbie on her first day at the Animal Care Center. And this is how she looks now, after a bath and grooming

And this guy is now finally able to look directly into your eyes after the extra hair got removed by Mark’s scissors

No matter how bad the mats are, Mark is ready to face the challenge

Dogs can’t lie and the true emotions on their faces are Mark’s initial reward

However, there’s one more thing that every dog wants

It’s something that Mark, with his magic, is trying to help provide to every dog

Every shelter dog needs a home and a loving family

That’s why Mark comes to the shelter to do the grooming and bathing, regardless of the difficulties

Mark knows that clean and good-looking animals have a better chance of being adopted

Because, honestly, what could be better than a happy dog?

Here’s Rutgers. He is one of Mark’s beauty models who recently found a new home

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