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Labrador turns out to be a Jenga master as she surprises her family

Let us introduce you guys with a Labrador pup named Remy who happens to be a prodigy of party games like Jenga.

From the moment Remy’s owner Ashley Agapiou brought the 5 months old pup to her home, she knew that she was a special one. Ashley little sister named Molley Agapiou said, “Personality of Remy is infectious to anyone. She loves to show her new toys to everyone. She does so by climbing up all over you and sticks them right in your face.”


However, Remy’s parents did not know about her geniuses until they threw a March Madness Party. For those on the party who was not at all interested in watching basketball, a Jenga game was set for them in the living room/ however, nobody was interested in playing Jenga other than Remy herself.

Agapiou said, “Everyone was focused on the TV watching the game as it was a big one. However, I did not care for the game and this is why I was watching Remy and that when I noticed that she was interested in Jenga.”


As Remy started sniffing he Jenga blocks, Agapiou took out her phone and started recording her. While the game is difficult for the ones with steady hands and nerves of steel, Remy was still interested in it even if she had zero experience for it.

Agapiou said, “This was actually the first time we were playing Jenga at our house so Remy had never seen Jenga before.”


What happened next shocked Agapiou as Remy pushed one of the Jenga blocks at the bottom with her paw and then used her mouth to tug the block out. The Jenga tower wobbled for a bit but then it stood straight.

The video has been posted on social media and has received 40000 likes since it has been posted.

Below is the video of other pet owners sharing their pet dogs and their attempts at playing Jenga.

As for Remy, after taking the bottom piece she proudly took it under the table to celebrate her win.


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