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Tiny Dwarf Rabbit Falls For Girl Bunny 4x His Size

In the eyes of Covelli family, a house is not a house without a rabbit in it. However, for Lilly Sunshine, there are a lot of rabbits to go around in the house. Lilly Sunshine is the family’s 3 years old Flemish giant bunny which weighs about 16 pounds. One thing that Lilly spends most of her time at is snuggling with her little rabbit boyfriend named Romeo.

However, in contrast to Lily, Romeo is very tiny. In fact, he is only 4 pounds in weight.


Sarah Covelli said, “Every one of our guests is usually surprised to see Lilly’s huge size and as for when they see Romeo, they are even more surprised. We have given Romeo a little nickname ‘tiny husbun’.”


Despite there being a considerably huge difference in their size and weight, this cute and cuddly couple could not be in any more in love and look adorable.

It seems as if they simply do not realize the difference between them, not even the fact that Lilly is 4 times the size of Romeo.


Covelli said, “Romeo is a sweet and a curious little guy. He often jumps over the bed and climbs over us. He also happens to be Lilly’s shadow and follows her everywhere. I think he knows that Lilly will protect her from any danger.”

You can watch this adorable bunny couple on a dinner date down below.

Since Lilly and Romeo fell for each other, they have got a mass following on Instagram. They have their own account where their mom shares all of their cute life updates.

Although a majority of people across the globe following this unusual bunny couple is surprised to see their love, to these bunnies, it is just their second nature.


Covelli said, “They are sure special”.

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