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Dog playing in the woods falls accidently into a hole

Meet Zella, who is 16 weeks old and a very playful puppy who loves to play in the backyard of her house which is actually woods. One day, Zella was running behind the woods her owner’s house as her owners also walked closely behind her. Suddenly Zella ran a little far ahead and came close to an old dried up well.


What happened next was devastating for Zella’s owner as she fell straight into the well which was 8 feet deep.


The well was not only deep but also narrow; making an escape for Zella nearly impossible. As for her family, they were also unable to rescue her from the well. The one thing that came to their mind was to call 911 and that they did. Soon after they made the call, the South Killingly Fire Department based in the Danielson, Connecticut responded to the call as soon as they could. The fire department had the expertise for the situation in which Zella was trapped in.

Captain of the South Killingly Fire Department, Joseph Lee told media, “South Killingly Fire Department actually runs a joint rescue team which is consistent of the firefighters which come from other fire departments of the area. These firefighters have been trained in rescues with rope and for confined spaces.”


After the firefighters arrived on the scene, they assessed the situation and then helped one of their own to lower him down the well with the help of a rope.


After carefully grabbing the sacred pup, he called for his guys up on the well to pull him out.


The whole rescue operation was carried out in a professional way with it only taking 1 and a half hour. As for Zella’s family, they were happy that Zella was above on the ground where she is now safe and sound.

Luckily the dog did not suffer any injuries.

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