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A woman finds something surprising in a box in her backyard

Earlier last week when a woman entered the gates of the Paris Animal Shelter located in Texas and told the staff that she wanted to surrender them some kittens, nobody thought of it as much. This was the Kitten Season and this was the time when shelters would take most kittens in. this was not that much of a big thing until the woman gave them a box which was filled with 39 kittens.

The woman told the shelter that she found all these 39 kittens in a box near her greenhouse when she was out doing some work. The kittens were ranged from the age of 3 weeks to 8 weeks old and their condition was also varied. Some of them were dehydrated, while some had fleas while others were suffering from diarrhea. Still, some of them were in good health. Still, shelter knew that taking care of 39 kittens was no easy work and they needed some help ASAP.

A volunteer of Paris Animal Shelter named Stephanie Ann said, “while we are sued to a high intake of stray animals, this much magnitude was just an extremely hard work that can raise panic. I knew immediately that for our shelter, the best bet would be to get some help from social media.”

The shelter called out to other rescue shelters in their area and soon nearly 10 of the local shelters stepped up for help.

Stephanie Ann said, as soon as we posted for help, rescue offers came pouring in fast.”

Within few days of arriving at the Paris Animal shelter, the entire 39 kittens were sent off to the respective shelters and their foster homes where they are getting the care they deserved. The shelter is definitely grateful for everyone’s help in this.

As for the kittens, they are all recovering from their various illnesses. They are a little shocked and confused by their new surroundings but it is because they are young.

Once the kittens have adjusted well and are old enough, they will be spayed, neutered and vaccinated. After that, they will be placed for adoption to find their forever homes.

While someone abandoning a litter of 39 kittens is just a cruel thing, luckily all of them are now safe.

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