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Guy Can’t Stop Crying After Finding Out That He Gets To Keep His Foster Dog

Toby is the name of a rescue dog that was one day found at an auto repair shop after he was likely abandoned by his previous owner. Toby was then taken to a shelter but as it was winter season, the shelter had insufficient resources so Toby had to spend the night and the rest of the winter weather in a kennel, with little to none protection.

Today was luck as he was rescued by the rescue group named Band For Animal. The organization works to save the dogs from the Korean dog meat trade groups and other such dangerous situations. Toby from there was taken to a safe house in South Korea before he was to the US. Tin US he was kept with a foster family who had no clue as to how they would eventually love Toby.


Ann Hoang wanted to have a 2nd dog but her husband was not sure about the idea. So they tired fostering one. That was there plan before adopting a second dog and that’s when Toby came into their lives.

Toby after arriving at the Hoang residence was very sacred. At first, he won’t even come out of his crate. As for his new family, they were patient with Toby and gave him all the love and care he deserved. Soon Toby came to realize the love of his new family and fell in love with them too.  He especially fell in love with his foster dad.


Hoang told media, “My husband was not sure about Toby at first but when he sat next to him and looked at him with his puppy dog eyes, he actually saw the kindness of God in his eyes and fell in love with him.”


The plan was to always have Toby as a foster dog but soon Hoang realized that this was not going to be possible for her husband.


Hoang told media, “two families were to meet up with Toby and that’s when I realized that it would crush my husband to lose Toby.”


So Hoang decided that she would officially adopt Toby and surprise her husband. As the rescue group needed someone to come home to make the adoption official. Hoang told her husband that the person was a potential adopter.

She then decided to surprise her husband by asking the woman to give her husband a card during the visit.

As soon as he read it, he went crazy with joy.

Hoang said, “I never saw my husband so much happy that he would start crying.”


Soon everyone was crying and Toby came to his dad and comforted him.


Now Toby is never going to leave his dad’s side as he had made a lasting impression on him and his dad also clearly loves him dearly.

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