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Guy Goes Outside To Find His Car Has A Whole Family Of Bears Inside

A man named Chad Morris was spending his vacation with his family in a nice place located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. That is when he heard the screams of hi parents who were asking him to come outside a take a look at the things.

In order to check what’s all the commotion was about, he rushed out of his cabin and what he saw, he could not believe his eyes.

Right in his driveway was a family of bears and from what it seemed, they were trying to steal his car.

Morris said, “as soon as I saw them walking up to my car, three of the cubs jumped inside the car.”

The mama bear was standing nearby watching her cubs while the cubs had a time of their life inside Morris’s car. The played in his car’s driver seat, leaned out of the windows and fooled around in whatever manner they could inside the car.

It was not that bears were not aware of Morris and his parents watching them from afar, it was that they just did not care about them. Hey continued with their little thing of destroying a human’s property.

Morris said, “They saw us standing there as we took their pictures but they never even bothered to care about us.”

After the cubs realized that they cannot take the car away with them and had fully explored the car, they climbed out of the car and then attempted to steal another car parked in the driveway.

Morris said, “They crawled out of the windows of my car and moved to the car of my mom and dad. Their windows were up, so after five minutes of walking around the cars, they simply went down the mountain and into the woods.”

After the bears left, Morris ran to check the extent of damage but was surprised to see that the car was still fine even after being ransacked by three playful cubs.

Morris aid, “one of them bit the leather of the driver’s seat headrest while the other scratched the interior a little bit. One of them bit the top of my protein shaker.”

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