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One Man Stays Behind in abandoned Syrian City to Take Care of Cats

Even in the middle of all the horrors of the wars, there are still some people that know love in their hearts and it knows no bounds. Among these kind-hearted people is a man named Salah Jafar, a 32 years old Syrian man who decided to tend to the abandoned cats in his war trodden town. He has made a promise to himself that if there is a time when he needs to leave his town called Kafr Nabl then he will try to take as many cats with him as he can.

Kafr Nabl is a small town of Syria which prior to being abandoned by its residents was home to nearly 40000 people.

Mike Thompson

Nowadays, this town is torn to shreds with months of bombing of both the Russian and the Syrian forces. This town is located in the last province held by rebels.

Nowadays, only less than 100 people are living in this nonce crowded town.

Mike Thompson

One of those 100 people is Salah Jafar who told media, “I am here because of the cats. It is really comforting when the cats are close to me. It makes the demolition from the bombardment and the accompanying suffering feels less frightening.”

Jafar is living with thousands of cats.

Mike Thompson

While the radio station of the town is destroyed, Salah used to once work there. The founder of that radio station was killed by the firing of an ISIS gunman in 2018.

These remaining few residents of the city are doing whatever they can to take care of their scared families.

Mike Thompson

Salah said about the abandoned cats, “so many of the people have left the town and the population is now very little. As for the cats, they need somebody to take care of them to provide tem water and food. This is why they have taken refuge in the town’s abandoned houses. Each house now has 15 cats inside and sometimes more. Whenever we walk outside on the streets, there happen to be 20 to 30 cats walking on the streets as well. Some of them even come out of the houses.”

Salah is among the few people of the town, who always share their food with these cats.

Mike Thompson

Salah says that if comes a day when he has to flee from the town, then he will take with him as many cats as he could.

Mike Thompson

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