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Kirk; the dwarf hamster gets a special gift after he hurt his paw

One week ago a dwarf hamster by the name Kirk was climbing the side of the cage when his foot got stuck. His owner Dottie James noticed the trouble Kirk was in instantly and took him to the vet. The vet told her Kirk would be not playing for a while as he has broken his leg.

Kirk who was an active little hamster was clearly not feeling too good about it. The vet gave Kirk the tiniest leg cast to send him home.

Dottie told media, “We think that his ankle got stuck in the cage and when he fell, it broke off. As for the leg cast, it will be on for a few weeks. After that, we will take X-rays to see if anything is further wrong.”

After seeing that Kirk was fine at the moment, Dottie brought Kirk back to home. When they got home it was the moment both Dottie and Kirk found out about the cute little gift that Dottie’s roommate has prepared for Kirk.

Dottie’s roommate is a furniture designer and she crafted a special custom made a tiny wheelchair for Kirk to sit in.

Dottie said, “This tiny wheelchair was a big surprise. It is made out of appearing so it is lighter as well it is also a great get well soon card.”

Although vet has ordered for Kirk to rest until he heals, the hamster is not too obligating on his words as he likes to explore the world around him.

Even under the careful watch of his mother, Kirk still manages to remain active most of the day.

Dottie said, “Although Kirk is not able to sue the wheelchair, he also does not have the habit of sitting still in one place. He makes use of his cast to push himself along everywhere. He is very funny and also never bites.”

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