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Internet bands together and finds a homeless man’s lost pet rat

Chris is a homeless old man who lives on the street of Sydney, Australia with his pet rat Lucy. They have become a sight for the people passing by on the streets all across the city and with one look one can tell that they both love each other very much.

Everyone thought that Chris and Lucy would be together until one day. Chris was spotted without Lucy by his side.


According to Chris on April 6th, he went to a bathroom with his things outside and at that time a woman came and took Lucy out of his belongings. Chris, distraught at the incident reported it to the police who started the search for Lucy.

Finally, after 1 week of the rigorous search, Police was able to locate Lucy and brought her back to Chris at the local police station.


As for the woman who took Lucy thought she had been abandoned and so she took her home to care of Lucy. It was all a big misunderstanding on her part and luckily now that the issue has been resolved. Lucy and Chris are back together once more.


The officers that found Lucy brought her over to Chris in a card box. As soon as Lucy saw Chris she started to scamper on the sides of the box trying to reach Chris. Chris then checked her up out of the box and checked if Lucy was alright or not. He was overjoyed to see that Lucy was indeed healthy and fine.


Chris in the video reunion can be heard saying, “That’s her. Yep, she remembers me.”

After Chris and Lucy had their little reunion, Chris thanked the officers as well as apologized for all the trouble they had to go through while looking for Lucy.


After that police officers gave Lucy and Chris a ride to wherever they wanted to go.


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