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Police Dog Gets Super Excited As He Receives A Special Treat

Majority of us can relate to the experience of working really hard all day long and then have a need for a tasty treat in the form of a sweet dish or a sweet drink. As it happens to be, the police dogs also have the same feeling because they also work too hard.

For one particular police dog in the Fisher, Indiana, it was the end of a long and warm day a few days ago. The K9 handler of the said dog thought that his furry little companion deserves a special tasty treat for all his hard work. To the dog’s surprise an joy, his K9 handler took him to the Handel’s Ice Cream & Yogurt shop located in the city.



As soon as the dog and his handler got near the shop, the dog seemed to have recognized the shop and broke a run in excitement to reach the stand of the shop to get his tasty treat.


Seeing the excited dog running towards his stand, the owner of the shop scooped up a vanilla cone ice cream, especially for the dog. As the dog reached near the counter, they placed the cone in front of the counter.


The dog seeing the cone stood on his hind legs and started to slurp the ice cream as fast as he could.


The dog that works really hard, was clearly feeling very delighted by this tasty treat. As for everyone near the dog, they were also happy to see the dog eating simple ice cream in such a delightful manner.


The members of the local police department work really hard at their job and they deserve a break once in a while. This is also true for their K9 staff members.

You can watch the amazing video of the dog eating his tasty ice cream in the video down below.

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