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Heartbroken Dog Lost His Brother And Now He Won’t Stop Cuddling His Pillow

For the past 10 long years, two dog brothers; Spencer and Rocky had been inseparable bets pals.

The sweetest thing for both these adorable pups was to be near each other.



The owner of dogs, Beth Fisher said, “They have never spent a night apart from each other. Both of them even slept in the same bed and ate from the very same bowl. Whenever they went out, they walked with each other.”

Sadly for them their joyous long journey came to a sad end.



In a routine vet visit, Rocky was revealed to be suffering from a cancerous tumor and when the discovery was made, it was already too late to save him. The only way to help poor Rocky was to end his life in the most humane way possible.

Fisher said, “The day tumor was found, Rocky was put down. For us, Rocky’s death was a hard process but for poor Spencer, who had lost his brother, it was even more saddening.”

Spencer was heartbroken after his brother’s death and it really showed.



Fisher said, “After Rocky’s death, Spencer would walk around the house at night trying to find his brother. After not fining him, he would start to cry.”

To see the dog in pain, family decided to do something for him and Fisher’s dad ordered a custom pillow with Rocky’s face on it.



As soon as Spencer saw the pillow, he was put at ease.

The pillow seemed to have filled the hole that was caused by Rocky’s absence.



Fisher said, “Ever since the pillow arrived, Spencer takes it everywhere and cuddles with it. As he now has something to cuddle with, he seems a lot more at ease.”

Now the mourning dog does not sleep alone.



While nothing can ever bring Rocky back, Spencer is still reassured that his brother is close to him the way he had always been.



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