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Breeder leaves mama dog at shelter for being put down on Mother’s Day

On the last Mother’s Day Weekend, when people were busy going t brunches with their families, a shelter located in Texas received an unexpected visit.

Owners of a sick and matted fur dog, surrender their dog to the shelter at their reception with a request to put her down. Taking a single glance at the dog’s weak belly, the staff of the shelter immediately realized that the poor sick dog had been a mother quite a few times.



On a day which was to honor motherhood, shelter staff could not put themselves up for the task of putting down a mama dog. Ultimately they decided to reach out for help.

The executive director of Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform (Dallas DogRRR) named Kerry Anechiarico said, “Many animals that come through our doors are left here to die being alone and afraid. As for Abigail, we were not going to let it happen to her on Mother’s Day for all she has ever done was to love both her humans and the countless puppies that she gave birth over the course of her life.”



The shelter took the poor Poodle mix dog, which was probably 9 years old to a nearest vet’s clinic. They were aware that Abigail’s road to recovering her healthy won’t be an easy one due to the bulges on her belly. Still, they knew that they have to give it a shot.



At vet’s clinic, Abigail was given a haircut and then a bath and she felt a whole lot better after it. Her sad face even showed her to have a smile of a sort.



Since then, Abigail has been placed in a foster home where she is slowly but surely regaining her health back. She is soon to undergo testing for her tumors on her belly.



While Abigail’s future is uncertain at this point, still she is being spoiled by her foster mother like every day is a Mother’s Day for Abigail.

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