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Guy Gives Local Turtles Specially Made Popsicles As A 4th OF July Treat

With the 4th of July approaching, a man wanted to do something nice for the turtle that lived near his house in Houston, Texas. He came up with an unusual idea; to treat them with specially made popsicles.

specially made popsicles

The place where Kyle Naegeli’s house is, there is also a small pond which has a bunch of turtles living in it. Kyle Naegeli often visits his wild neighbors.

Kyle Naegeli said, “I was trying to come up with an idea as to how I can include these turtles on the 4th of July celebrations. I came up with an idea; an idea to give them red, blue and white popsicles but also to keep their natural diet in check.”

 red, blue and white popsicles

Naegeli decided to make the Shad (white-silver colored fish) popsicles that would have mixed inside red strawberries and blueberries which were made in the pond water. After mixing all the ingredients and freezing them for a few hours, he was ready to give these tasty treats to his friends.

turtle coming from water

Naegeli filmed the whole process on camera as he fed the popsicles to these turtles. Near the start of the video, a turtle can be seen coming out of the water and staring at the snack for a little bit.

Then without any hesitation, the turtle came ahead and took a huge bite out of the frozen delight.

Turtle Eat Popsicles

Seeing his first turtle, others started to think that this might be something really tasty and they all began to gather near the bank. They all took their turns and took huge bites out of these special treats that were made just for them.

You can watch the scene down blow in the video.

While it does not matter for turtles what the 4th of July really is or what its celebrations are, Naegeli has still managed to spread the festivities of the day in his own manner. He was pretty excited the way he and his turtle friends celebrated the 4th of July.

Turtle Eat Popsicles

Naegeli is a YouTuber who uploaded the video on his channel where it has been viewed for more than 17 million times.

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