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Dog Video Recorded During Night As He Helps Put The Crying Toddler Back To Sleep

2 years ago the lives of a woman named Sara Lebwohl and her husband named Zach were changed completely. This was the time when these newlyweds welcomed their first daughter in the world who they named as Halle.

But as the couple was on their way of being parents, they discovered that someone else too was eager to help them along this journey.

This, someone, was none other than their family dog named Prince.

family dog named Prince

Even before the time when Halle was born, Prince seemed to be aware that their family was about to have another person in it. He relay left Sara’s side during the whole pregnancy period as he seemed to be devoted to the little one.

Then finally the big day came.

Prince with Sara

Sara said, “When we brought Halle back home, the first thing Prince did was to reach out and sniff her. He seemed to be aware that she was fragile and ever since then he kept close to her and kept a close eye on her as well. He was a great nanny dog from the very start.”

Prince with new born baby and her Mom

From the first day, the affection that Prince had for Halle only grew by folds.

Prince had for Halle only grew by folds.

Now Halle and Prince are inseparable and always have a great time. Prince seems to consider himself as a caretaker and a friend of Halle.

caretaker and a friend of Halle

With Halle now being 2 years old, she has her own room for sleeping t night but like any other youngster; she needs comfort at night sometimes.

As for Prince, he is the first one to always sense that Halle needs comforting in the morning. And despite any time of the night or the early morning, Prince is the first one to attend Halle as he begins to get restless.

Recently Sera and Zach thought what if they would leave the door of their and Halle’s room open the whole night? Would Prince be able to put Halle back to sleep?

The answer to this question turned out to be a big Yes. Below is the video of the couple’s experiment.

Sara’s said, “The thing turned out to be great. We opened the door a little bit and whenever Halle starts crying, Prince would go to her room and he rolls on the ground to do his little routine that calms Halle down and she immediately sleeps.”

Now every morning is a happy one at Sara Lebwohl’s house.

Halle Looks very Happy

Sara said, “He takes his job of being Halle’s big brother very seriously. We are so fortunate to have such a caring dog and Halle also adores Prince.”

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