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Faithful dogs wait patiently for their homeless sick owner outside of a hospital in Brazil

Earlier last week a homeless man named Luiz had to be rushed to a local hospital named Santa Casa Hospital located in Brazil after he suffered from a stroke. The man might have been homeless but he certainly was not an alone person. He had 6 of his best friends who all refused to leave him in his time of need. These bets friends were actually the 6 stray dogs.

The love these dogs had for Luiz was recorded by the workers of the hospital as they also came to the hospital panting looking for their friend. These dogs chased the ambulance that took Luiz to hospital for many miles and after reaching the building they quietly made themselves comfortable near the entrance of the hospital’s door.

Volunteers from an NGO named Amigos de Patas Cianorte that is working for the wherefore of such stray animals in Brazil came to the scene after they were asked for help. These volunteers fed these dogs food and also snapped the pictures of these faithful pups that were intent on waiting for their sick friend.

dogs lying down on road

Luiz along with his dogs have been a familiar scene on the streets of the city for nearly 20 years. Many people offered for calling Luiz’s family to help him but he always refused the offers and content living his life with his new family of dogs.

Amigos de Patas Cianorte made a post on Facebook where they wrote, “He lives with his best friends and he also treats them really well. He shares everything he has with them. That night he suffered a stroke and he was taken to the hospital where his friends followed him and remained in vigil all night long for his safety.”

Dogs barking on people

After Luiz was fine in the morning, he was sent back to his friends.

Pone volunteer named Simone Zilliane said, “These dogs were really desperate. Luiz had to leave the hospital from the other door with his brother while the dog remained at the entrance. Luiz went home with his brother but then the NGO volunteer came back to get him so that his dogs could also leave the front entrance of the hospital.”

dogs could also leave the front entrance of the hospital

Now Luiz and his best buds are back together again and his friends have proven that they always have his back.

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