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Labrador chases away the thief who steals the package off the porch

Zero is the name of a 9 years old Labrador Retriever mix dog that is the very definition of being a good boy.

King Cahoon, the mother of Zero told media, “Zero loves to swim and play ball. While he is scared of almost everything, he still is very lovable in nature.”

Due to his gentle and loving nature, it is quite opposite to think of Zero to be a guard dog. However, a few months back, Zero with his amazing guarding skills left his owners speechless when it came the time to truly defend their property.


Zero’s family lives in Utah and a few months back a man tried to snuck into their porch and as no one was watching he lifted up a package that was placed on their doorstep as the whole scene could be seen in the door cam footage. The thief was on his way to the getaway car and that’s when Zero came out of the house all fired up and started to bark frantically at the man to chase him away.

The thief, seeing the dog barking at him was startled and before he could drive away in the car, he dropped the package on the road. As for Zero, after chasing away the thief, he went back to being as if nothing ever happened. He sniffed the ground and then went back inside the house.

Below is the video of the whole incident.

While Zero does not think much about his little act of heroism, his mom is very impressed by him. While the package only had 4 dollars worth of an item inside, Zero’s mom is very happy that Zero decided to chase away the thief.

We hope that with Zero’s newfound bravery of being a guard dog, thieves will keep this house off their list in the future.


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