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Cat calms down the kid who’s having a Sensory Meltdown

Each one of us needs at least one friend in life who knows us well and remains by our side through every thick and thin that life has to offer.

For a kid named Jayden Denton, he was lucky enough to find one such friend in a gray colored cat known as Kitty.

Jayden is a boy with special needs who is also prone to feeling overwhelmed at certain times. These overwhelming moments often leads to him having sensory meltdowns. Sometimes these meltdowns actually make the life of his family members a little difficult.

Tonya Denton, Jayden’s mom told media, “My son suffers from Sensory processing disorder as well as other issues. When he does not understand something, he starts to have an outburst of crying along with being inconsolable.”

However, this was until he met with Kitty.

While Kitty appears to be a normal cat most of the time, Jayden’s mom found about a whole new side of Kitty.

As it turns out to be, Kitty was exactly the thing that Jayden needed in his life. Instead of being afraid like a normal pet would be of Jayden’s meltdown sessions, Kitty is quite opposite.

Tonya said, “We started noticing that Kitty would start running towards Jayden whenever he had a meltdown. During these meltdowns, Kitty would start licking Jayden’s head until he would calm down. In his longtime of medical history, this has been the only way to calm down Jayden”.

One of these incredible moments when Kitty clams Jayden during his meltdown has been caught by Tonya in the video below.

Tonya said, “This cat has changed everything for us. It’s like it was meant to be.”

The presence of Kitty is not only helpful in Jayden’s meltdown session; it has also allowed him to be a little calm in the world in which he feels isolated.

Tonya said, “Kitty makes my son happy and it seems as if they both understand each other.”

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