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Free perks of having a pet dog

Owning a dog is not only like having an extra mouth to feed or someone to clean up after; instead they are like treasured family member. Dog owners do know that benefits for owning a dog as a pet outweighs its expense cost. For those who do not seem to get these benefits here are few extra perks of owning a dog as a pet.


The best perk of having a dog is the unconditional and faithful love by these dogs. Dogs are built in a way by nature to love their owners. No matter the good or bad times, they will make your day better by giving you wet slobbery kisses. Their love makes them most cherishable pet option in the world ad on a plus side this love is 100 percent genuine and free of cost.



Dogs are best companions as well. Unlike cats that are moody by nature, once you train a dog, he will follow you anywhere, stay by your side anytime and will provide the best companionship you can think of. Dogs also have a built in natural ability to share your excitement in times of happiness and also comfort you when you are in the down.



Dog owners are well informed about the benefits of exercise with a pet. Depending upon factors like age or breed of your pet dog, daily walk and a mile run around the park is guaranteed with your pet dog. Regular exercise is not only essential for your dog but you will also get to have exercise which you are pushing because of your busy life schedule. Going out in the nature for a walk with your dog is a 100 percent extra free perk.


Cuddle buddy:-

Nobody likes better than to have a warm companion to cuddle in chilly winter nights. Lovers come and go but if you have a dog you will always have him to cuddle for warmth and affection in the long chilly winter nights. Saving on heating bill is another extra plus while you cuddle with your dog.

Cuddle buddy


Dogs by nature are protective about the safety and security of their owners and their families. Having a dog is like having the best alarm system for your house. They have sharp senses that help them detect the subtle intrusion of a stranger of an incoming danger in your house and they will bark until you and the whole neighborhood wakes up.


Alarm Clock:-

If you have a dog then there is no need to spend money buying an alarm clock. Your dog will wake you up every morning and early in the morning at that. Dogs are creatures of routine and they love to wake up early in the morning for walks. Getting up early in the morning even on weekend mornings can be a little troublesome but it will set you in a routine too.

Alarm Clock

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