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Man sees a kitten with a shoelace tied around its neck

A man named Timofey Yuriev was driving down the street in Yonkers, New York when suddenly he spotted something really bizarre. A small kitten was walking or let’s say crawling along the sidewalk. As soon as Yuriev saw the kitten, he knew in his heart that he needs to save it.

Yuriev told media, “there was a bus stop nearby band people were walking there but nobody seemed to have noticed the kitten. I immediately decided to save it as I knew once off the sidewalk it would be on road and would ultimately be killed by the fast passing cars. That is when I saw the kitten had a shoelace tied around its neck.”


Yuriev realizing that someone had tied a shoelace around the kitten’s neck was utterly disgusted by it and tried to untie it. As for the kitten, he had been through a lot so he was looking at his rescuer with confused eyes.  After five minutes of struggling, Yuriev was able to take the shoelace off the kitten’s neck who he named as “Lace”.



Yuriev said, “After I freed Lace, he started meowing at me. Before that he could not meow as to how tight the shoelace was tied around his neck. I picked him up and he did not tired to scratch me or anything but was still sacred. I took him in my car and he tucked away under the car seat in darkness as far as he could.”


From there, Yuriev took lace to a shelter named Paws Crossed Animal Rescue where everyone was sad to hear about poor kitten’s story.

The development manager at the Paws Crossed Animal Rescue named Julie Porter said, “Lace was severely dehydrated and had a few scratches on him. He was very scared and did not trust people that much.”


Even after going through such a disgusting experience, Lace has started to finally warm up to the guys at the shelter and the whole shelter has also fallen in love with him. After one week of arriving at the shelter, Lace finally had a nice family line up for adoption.


The anchor for the News 12 Westchester, Lisa Salvadorini read the story about Lace and she fell in love with him and knew that she needs to adopt this cute little kitten.

Lisa Salvadorini told, “It was 5 am in the morning as I was reading the news. I saw his cute face and said to my co-anchor that I need this kitten to be in my home. Everyone in the studio thinks of it as a great idea.”


Lisa Salvadorini went to the shelter that same day and adopted Lace. Lisa Salvadorini has two children who never had a cat before and she knew that Lace would be perfect as their first family cat.


Lisa Salvadorini told as to how her children reacted to Lace, “for them, it was a big surprise. They were in shock to have a kitten. They even had tears of joy when they held him. Since then, they have showered Lace with all their love.”


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