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Dog Sees Bird Drowning In the Swimming Pool and Rescues It

Meet Yago, a dog with a heart of gold that could put any human being to shame with his kindness.

Yago is also a hero.


One morning Yago was swarming around his house in the sun located in Argentina when he suddenly heard the cries of distress of a creature. Not only Yago but his owners; Mariana Corti and her partner were also forced to wake up from their sleep by this sudden noise as well.

Corti said, “After waking up, we came out and heard a flutter coming from the patio. We looked pout of our window and saw that a wild pigeon was fighting for his life as he was drowning in the pool.”

However, at that very moment, to Corti’s surprise, she saw her dog Yago leaping into action. He instantly went to the other side of the pool refusing to let the poor bird get drowned.

Watch the video as Yago saves the bird.

Yago gently put his mouth into the water and took out the drowning bird from the pool. He placed him gently on the ground so it could regain its breath and strength. Afterward, the pigeon flew away.

And there is no doubt that Yago’s family is very proud of their dog.


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