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Dramatic animals that were caught red-handed in the act

If animals always behaved calmly and responsibly, we would have very boring lives. Fortunately, our pets behave quite the opposite — they have a secret life that you might not even suspect. And once you leave them for a day, an hour, or a minute, they start doing whatever they want. In this article, we are going to show you exactly what they do.

We have collected photos of animals that were caught when they didn’t expect it.

So scroll down to look for yourself at these Dramatic animals that were caught red-handed in the act.

It seems this cat is trying to learn to walk on the ceiling


When you accidentally leave the fridge open


You cannot turn your back around even for one second on these little rascals


He is so thick face; pretending like he doesn’t understand how he got into the closet


Nothing out of the ordinary, just a raccoon climbing at an extreme height


The cat who loves to play pool

play pool

This is what happens when you leave an empty box on the floor around a cat for 5 seconds

empty box

3 bandit raccoons were caught red-handed eating the cat food; were only caught because they were too timid to run away

cat food

I think dog wants to have a serious talk with the owner


Silly rabbit; Trix are for kids, not rabbits


Owner finally found out as to why the seeds never grew


This dog poses perfectly for photos, even when he is caught red-handed in an awkward situation

dog pose

When you are caught red-handed but don’t give a damn about it


He’s just noticed that owner is beside him


This dog can look indifferent in any situation

dog situation

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