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Cat Snuggles Nervous Dog While Their Owner Is Away

Whenever you are suffering from anxiety, the support of your best friend is a necessity. A friend is someone who is going to let you know that you are not alone in your bad times and that everything is going to be alright.

As it happens to be, no one is better at knowing this than Joule, who is a sweet nature but anxiety stricken dog.


Since the time Joule was rescued 4 years ago by a woman named Brenna Eckert, he has come through a long way.

Cert told media, “Joule suffers from a lot of anxiety issues. When we are at home, she always needs me to be close to her.”

After Eckert rescued Joule, she also adopted an orange kitten named Kelvin. Joule and Kelvin are best buds and get along really well.

Eckert told media, “Before both of them were adopted by us, their shelter houses gave them individual names. Kelvin had a shelter name Socks while Joules had a name Sandals. This is pretty ironic that Socks and Sandals make a truly wonderful couple.”


To see how well both of them actually are with each other, Eckert set up a security camera at home to see at it from her work.

After watching the footage, Eckert was in shock. Her cat was actually comforting her big dog and not for just a few minutes but for the whole day.

Eckert said, “I thought they were sharing the couch but when I changed the camera position, I saw both of them actually snuggling with each other.”

Eckert was very touched by seeing this and posted one of these videos over Reddit.

However, Joule is not the only one who feels lonely. Kelvin too feels lonely when Eckert is not close to them and that’s when Joule comforts Kelvin.

Eckert said, “Both of them only snuggle with each other when no one is seeing them.”

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