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Pensioner Thought He Was Going Mad Until He Catches A Mouse That Kept Cleaning His Shed On A Trail Cam

Stephen Mckears is a 72 years old man from England who one day started to question his own sanity when he began to notice that the things in his shed were moving from their place in night inside his tool shed. These things were also not being placed randomly. He was finding these things such as nails and clips being placed neatly inside the tub meant for these things.

However, the question was who was this phantom, which was so obsessed with keeping the things tidy and organized.

Mr. Mckears. Being amazed decided to uncover this mystery one and for all and emptied the tub of the nails and scattered them on the table. He was amazed to see that next day everything was once again placed neatly inside the tub. Something did not felt right about all this.

He sought out to his friend Rodney Holbrook and they set up a camera to catch this ghost. Mr. Holbrook is a wildlife photographer with expertise and had know how as to how to capture this mystery by a mysterious visitor. What they found in the trial cam footage was a small mouse who was lifting the things which were twice his own size and placing them in the tub in his effort to keep his ‘own house’ clean.

Mr. Mckears said, “Since then I have been calling him the Brexit Mouse because of his stockpiling habit.”


“One day I placed all the things in the tub on the table beside it and next morning everything was neatly in the tub again. I thought I was going mad.”

As for Mr. Holbrook, he was amazed at the mouse’s behavior and he has been calling it Metal Mickey. He said, “I was so amazed to see such a behavior from a mouse.”

We had to see it to believe as the mouse was chucking things back into the container.”

The mouse seems to go on his cleaning shift at around 2:30 am and has been performing his leaning duties for a whole month.

Mr. Mckears said, “He had been doing this for one month and he must have needed to go for sleep after doing it.”

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