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Guy Brings His Husky Friend On Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip

A woman was on her way from work on the freeway in Las Vegas on her car when she suddenly saw something strange on the road beside her car. Seeing that thing left her completely astonished.

She, seeing the bizarre scene, took out her phone and recorded what she saw and sent it to her daughter.


The women’s daughter, whose name is Kaelyn, wrote on her Twitter account, “my mom saw this on the freeway today.”

The thing that Kaelyn posted on her account was a video of a motorcyclist who was driving along with her mother’s car in the right lane. That motorcyclist was driving with his trusty companion, which was a husky dog named Sox.

As it happened to be, there was actually an interesting story behind all this. The name of the motorcyclist is Michael Fiala who is the dog dad f the husky named Sox. Theis story could not make it on social media sooner because Michael was more interested in living this story than posting it on social media.

Fiala finally told media, “I avoided posting about this on social media for a long time pout of fear of people. I thought people would think that I am doing this for social media.”

The relationship of Fiala and Sox started 8 years ago when Fiala received a surprise in form of Sox by her father.

Fiala said, “One day I showed up at my father’s home and a heard some noise coming from the back room. I thought to myself, what in the world is this sound? I went into the room and there he was, Sox. I immediately fell in love with him.”


Fiala had not planned anything prior to making Sox an adventure dog of sorts. All of this started out of necessity.

After Fiala needed to move from Las Vegas to Hawaii, he sold his car. All he had left was his motorcycle from his days when he graduated from college.

However, for Sox, his companion, without a car would have needed some adjustments.

Luckily for Fiala and Sox, Fiala had some expertise in handling dogs before. Fiala said, “I have a degree in animal behavior as well as Zoology. This is why studying animals is my specialty. I had also worked as a dog trainer and a dog groomer. When the time came, I was like how would I make this work.”

All of the adjustment took Fiala a long time than he had anticipated in order for Sox to be comfortable on a bike.


Fiala said, “all of it started with me picking Sox up and setting him properly up on the bike. After he was comfortable sitting on the bike, I would jump up on the bike myself. And then it took a little more and then some more adjusting and then I would start the bike and just roll it while maintaining the speed of 1 mile per hour.”

It took a long time for Sox to get adjusted to the motor as well as the vibration of the bike.

It took Fiala a long time adjusting Sox on his bike but once he got comfortable, they went on to many of the bike adventures on the islands of Hawaii. They got to enjoy the majestic scenery of the islands s well as see many of the volcanoes.

Fiala said, “We have to drive around Hawaii for nearly 6 years. I had done many of the adventures on the bike and on all these adventures I brought along my dog to enjoy these experiences with me.”

This is when Fiala decided that he and Sox need to go a long adventure.


Fiala has made a goal for himself to visit all 50 states of the USA along with all of its natural park and all of the major league baseball stadiums spread across the country. He had a plan to do all this with his best bud, Sox. For the past 6 months, this was what Fiala and Sox had been doing.

Fiala said, “This had been one of the best and incredible journeys that I have ever performed in my life.”


Back in March of 2018, Fiala finally decided to document some of his adventures with Sox on social media.

Some people were deeply and truly inspired by seeing this amazing friendship while others had been a little skeptical.

Fiala said, “Some people wrote that my dog should be taken away from me for doing this. I appreciate the concern of these types of people but they do not know the relationship I have with my dig neither do they know the whole story between us.”

Until now, Fiala and Sox have completed a journey of more than 60000 miles on their motor bike while enjoying each other’s company.

Fiala said, “Of course there are going to be people that are going to judge you on what you do in your life. As for me and Sox, this is just not that kind of thing where I do this to get the attention of people. This was all part of my plan to build an amazing relationship with my dog who is my best friend as well.”


As for the future, Fiala has even bigger goals. Once they are done with their current goal, they are going to visit all the six continents of the world. They have already visited the 2 of them; the North and South America with only 5 more continents to go now.

As for the future, they are going to visit Joshua Tree National Park.

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