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A Good Man Walking In The Woods Hears Cries of a Puppy From Inside Manhole

No one truly knows how long it was until the little dog, which was stuck inside a sewer that was uncovered in the middle of the wooded area located in Kansas City, Missouri before she was rescued.

One thing is still certain that the little dog never gave up on life and hope.

Fortunately for the dog, a man passing by the place heard her screams of cries and he knew in his heart that he needs to help the poor animal.

This is the dramatic point in time where the dog knew that not everything is lost in life.

The KC Pet Project, the organization who took in the dog wrote, “This is truly amazing. This good man’s story is the real embodiment of the saying, being in the right place at the right time.”

After having this tragic discovery, the good man sought out the help of KC Pet Project to bring the frightened and panic-stricken dog to safety.


Fortunately, despite the serious gravity of the situation, the pup was not at all harmed.

Her rescuers said, “She was scared out of her wits which was completely understandable. However, she warmed up to the staff once they gave her some food. Despite falling through a 10 feet deep hole, she suffered no broken bones but she was very skinny.”

Fortunately, she is now in truly good hands.


The dog is regaining back its health and the rescuers are spreading the word of it so that if she had owners, they would come to take her. If there are no owners then she would be made available for adoption.


An uncovered manhole is one of the serious threats to animals who could be seriously trapped. The authorities have also remedied this problem. Her reducers said, “We are thankful that someone actually found her and helped her quickly.”

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