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Dog Dumped While Tangled In His Leash Along With A Saddest Note

Staff members of the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) were heartbroken to see a sight last month. Tied to the New Orleans based rescue’s property fence was a sad pit bull dog. As the staffers tried to approach the young dog, he started to cower in fear. They could clearly see that his leg was all tangled up in his leash and it had cut off the blood circulation to his leg.

In order to free the dog from his unfortunate situation proved to be quite a problem for the staffers.

One of the rescuers, who took the video of the dog at that time, said, “The dog was tangled up and he was not letting us approach him. We tried to figure out a way to free him without getting hurt.”


Besides the dog was a plastic bag with some of his possessions but when rescuers opened the bag they saw something else inside. Inside was a handwritten note that read as follows, “I can’t keep him no more due to personal problems with my family. He has been isolated in my room his whole life as my parents didn’t want him out of the room and on top of that, the landlord didn’t want dogs here. He’s 1 year and 4 months and never had human interaction besides my family so please build his human interaction.”


The note further continued as follows, “Once you get to know him, he’s the sweetest dog you’ll know,” the note continued. “He is pet-friendly but can be nervous around people. Please take your time with [him] and give him a better home. I will always donate as much as I can for the wish list … he is up-to-date with his shots.”

The rescue center was already flooded with the dog and they had no idea how to accommodate another dog especially the one who had anxiety and fear.

They posted the video of the dog’s rescue over Facebook in hopes that someone would offer their help.


The post was seen by the brother of the dog’s previous owner who immediately came to the rescue center. VRC wrote, “He was overwhelmed with a lot of grief to see the dog. He had known the dog that was named Rocky since he was a puppy. He was no longer living with his family and had assumed that the dog was living well with his family.”


Staffers were not clear as to let him have Rocky or not but after R0cky saw the man he showered him with kisses and hugs.

Watch the touching reunion of the dog and dad down below.

Rocky’s new owner says in the video, “You are back home. You are at home.”

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