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Fox With Stuck In A Trash Can Lid Found By High School Teachers

Last week when the teachers and other staff members of the Saracens High School located in West London reached the school ground, they found something unexpected at the school ground which was waiting for them to help it.

A young wild fox somehow had got his head stuck through a lid of a trash can and was totally stuck inside it.  He was unable to do anything to pull himself out of it and as people started to look at him, he looked incredibly confused. After finding the squirrel, someone there called RSPCA.


The animal collection officer of RSPCA named Mariam Adwan said, “He had somehow managed to put his head through the lid of a trash can but could not get it out. The poor thing was really scared out of his wits.”


Adwan hoped that she would be able to pull his head out of the lid but this did not seem to be the case.

Adwan said, “I first tried to calm him down and simply get his head the way he put I in but as it appeared to be, his cheeks were too large and in the way.”


The only way to rescue the fox was by cutting him out of the lid. Using the hacksaw, Adwan made a T shaped slit inside the lid and the fox was able to slide out of the lid.


After saving the fox, Adwan made sure to get the fox to a vet to check his condition and was happy to learn that it was alright. After the fox got a clean bill of health, he was taken back to the back of the same school where he was rescued and was released to be free in the wild once more.


Adwan said, “The school is sure that he is part of the fox family that inhabits the school ground, so I assume that he has been release really closely to his family.”

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