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Loyal Dog Waits Here For Weeks For His Loving Deceased Dad To Be Back Once More

For the last 2 weeks, a stray dog who was later reported to be named Buboy was sitting outside the faculty office of the Mabalacat City College located in Pampanga, Philippines. The pup was reported to be standing outside the door each day waiting for his favorite person to come out and give him either tasty treats or to scratch him playfully behind his ear.

This sight of the dog waiting for the man in question has caused many faculty members and students to be teary eyes because they are aware that the dog’s dad is not going to come back.

The name of the man is Carmelito Marcelo who was the professor at the college. He is also the one who has been taking care of Buboy for the past 4 years but unfortunately passed away after suffering a stroke and spending a few weeks in a local hospital.

According to one colleague of Marcelo, Kristina Demafelix, the dog had a habit to follow the professor all around. The day would start with Buboy greeting professor at the gate of college in the morning and then to spend the rest of the day trailing behind him as he moves from one class to another. They would then eat the lunch together in the faculty room and as the day ended, the dog would see off professor at the door.

Even when Marcelo had an off day, he would still come to visit the college just to see the dog.

The first time Demafelix noticed Buboy was when the dog was in the faculty office while Marcelo himself was in the hospital. With Buboy now waiting every day, Demafelix decided to give some closure to the dog.

On Tuesday, Demafelix brought Buboy to Marcelo’s wake in order for the dog to say his final goodbye to his dear friend.

Buboy after paying his respects to Marcelo and sat beside his coffin and refused to leave.

Now with Marcelo passing away, many faculty members and family members of Marcelo are coming forward to look after Buboy.

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