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Bell, the rescue cat thought that the new baby toy was for her to play with

Meet Bell, a cat who was rescued off of the streets when she was just a little kitten. At that time, she was suffering from a serious case of the pink eye along with having cat flu and fleas. However, she was soon able to be a healthy kitten all because of her new family’s love and care.

Bell’s mom named Aurora Brooks said, “Bell is always really happy and purrs a lot in loud sounds. When it comes to strangers she is a little shy but when no one is around, her favorite thing to do is having cuddles.”

One day, a new baby sister was brought home by Brooks to which neither Bell nor the other family cat named Hugo was interested at all.

Brooks said, “Both Hugo and Bell were not least bit interested when we brought home the baby. They only gave her a little sniff and that was it.”

While both cats were not at all interested in the new cat, Bell, however, seemed to have found something to be excited about. It was all the new toys that came for the new baby.

After the family brought home their baby daughter, they set up many toys for her.

As for Bell, she was completely convinced that the loving family has brought all these toys just for her. Whenever the baby used these toys, Bell seemed really confused.

Brooks said, “I am sure that Bell enjoys these toys more than she does the baby. She loves this play mat a lot.”

After Bell was done playing with the toys, she soon realized that these toys must have been all there because of her new sister.

Realizing this, Bell fell instantly in love with her new sister.

Now Bell is now not in possession of many new cool toys to play with but she now also has a baby sister to play with and whom she loves very much.

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