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Goldie, The Golden Retriever that was once bullied by other dogs is now a happy dog

Meet Goldie, a Golden Retriever dog that no one is aware as to where he came from in the rural town located in Texas. However, when he was found by a group of street dogs, they showed him that he was not welcomed in their neighborhood.

The founder of the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC named Stacey Silverstein said, “Goldie was found by his rescuers from underneath a mobile home as he was attacked by many dogs. The dogs after stopping their attack caused Goldie to remain further underneath the mobile home.”

People called the Animal Control officers but he was too scared to come out so he had to be dragged pout. He was then taken to a local animal shelter.

Sad Dog

Goldie needed a vet to treat him as the attack had left him with horrible injuries.

Dog horrible injuries

Silverstein said, “His body was riddled with wounds and bite marks all over. He was also in extreme shock.”

Dog Rescued

After hearing about his condition, the volunteers from the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came to take him from there and took him to a vet. The vet worked with utmost care to save Goldie’s life with dozens of stitches and also gave him many antibiotics.

Dog in Bad Condition

Due to this attack, Goldie had to undergo a long and hard recovery period. According to Silverstein, Goldie had to remain 21 more weeks in extreme care of the vet in Texas. After he was released from there and taken to New York City, he then spent one more week at a vet’s office located on Long Island.

Dog in Rest

During his recovery, Goldie turned out to be a completely new dog. After his stitches healed up, his fur grew back to make him look immensely beautiful.

Dog House

Now Goldie needed a forever home and the shelter put a Facebook post for him.

Silverstein said, “After we posted his adoption request, we got like a gazillion adoption applications and that was it.”

Goldie was adopted by a friend of one of the volunteers at the shelter.

 shelter Dog

Goldie’s new family also has a dog and a cat and Goldie was afraid of them at first. No wonder, the ordeal of an attack he went through, this reaction was a normal one for him. However, with help of his new mom, he overcame his fear and bonded with his new brother and sister.

Goldie was also given a new name. His new mom is a fan of the NFL team Dallas Cowboys so she named him Dak after their star QB named Dak Prescott.

 shelter Dog

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